Our vineyards are nurtured by a soil where there is a high concentration of silex and a subsoil with presence of iron oxide, from which they draw their vigour as well as their fruit complexity.
The Grand Ormeau domain is located in the heart of this exceptional soil, on the Lalande de Pomerol appellation area.

Following green harvesting (or clearing) and leafing, grapes are harvested when fully mature.
The great day has come. The place turns into a state of effervescence. Each and every one is at his/her post : some with scissors, others at the sorting table, more on tractors and in the wine house…

Wine making
After a minute sorting out of the grapes, they are put into vats so as to extract the most of their colouring substances and fruity aromas. Fermentation takes place in thermo-regulated vats. In order to ensure a good matter extraction and oxygenation, the ascending process frequently occurs. Once the berry skins have given us their very best, we are ready to unload them from vats.

Wine house
The current wine houses were built in 1984. They symbolise our alliance between tradition and modernity : the main building has a “vat house” part, with the best technical assets for providing quality, and a “barrel house” part, to perpetuate tradition.